Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My first actual family book!

I recently finished helping my Aunt Dori produce her book on the Mordecai Smith family. She did all the research I did the typing and layout. You can view this book on the Allen County Genealogy Library website. I decided after that when I was finished I would like to start a family history recipe collection. I have 20 family history binders, but no real book. With this project I have combined my love of digital scrapbooking with my love of family history. So I have started my collection. This is one of my first pages. My favorite dish ever! I have this every year for my birthday dinner. Ham and beans! Served of course with raw onion slices, fresh fried potatoes and fresh corn bread! Delish!

This dish obviously doesn't come from our German background. We started eating this when we lived in Oklahoma while my dad was serving in the Air Force. I hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane with all of these recipes.

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