Thursday, April 9, 2015

Grandma Joyce's Cookies!

Grandma Joyce's Mexican Wedding Cakes are one of my all time favorite Christmas
cookies. I always remember Grandma having these cookies every year. Grandma Joyce is my
dad's mom. Joyce Maxine Fogleman White was born May 4, 1918, to Arden Carson Fogleman and Ruby Edna Kerns. Joyce was married to Theodor Jefferson White on November 5, 1935. She
died July 23, 2005.
Grandma also was very talented with fabric and yarn arts. I think most of the grandchildren
received a hand-quilted quilt. I know from very minimal experience with making
quilts that is a lot of work. She was also famous for the dishtowels with the crocheted
top on them for hanging. Grandma also made a lot of afghans.

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