Monday, October 26, 2015

My Dad

Dad and Sam

Me, My dad, little sister, and littler brother
Memories of my Dad!

This handsome young man brought me back some good memories of my daddy along with pride. This is my oldest grandson, Carter. He was asking about his papa.

Carter’s Papa, my dad, Theodor Jefferson White, Jr., was born in Cherokee, Iowa on June 10, 1936, and died on January 6, 2009, in Cherokee Iowa.

What Carter was especially interested in was his Papa’s military career. His mother, my daughter, has a shell from Papa’s military salute at his service and Carter was curious about the shell.

Carter did call and ask questions about Papa.


I told him Papa was in the Military police and trained a beautiful German Shepard, Sam.  I told him that his papa had won Sharp Shooter Awards while in the Air Force.
I had some photos of the very kind veterans who provided the military salute for Dad’s service, picked up the shells and presented them to Mom along with the flag that is over the mantle. Dad never really talked much about the military.  My dad was very private and rarely let anyone in. Only after he had passed away did we find all of the cards he had been given and the many other things no one thought mattered to Dad stashed away amongst the items in his office.  I really wish I had one more chance to tell my Dad how very much I appreciated all that he did for us! I know I told him I loved him, but I don't think I ever said I appreciate the man you are and what you meant to me.

I still miss my daddy and thank him for his service to us and our country.

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