Saturday, August 18, 2012

My begining in genealogy!

This lady began my interest in genealogy.  Anne Elisabeth Masemann was born April 2, 1836, in Schwarme, Diepholz, Lower Saxony, Germany to Heinrich Wilhelm Massemann and Rebecke Meyer. She was married to Harm Heinrich Grashoff on April 23, 1860. She had four children that I know of: Margethe Elisabeth "Lizzie", Rebekka, Johann, and Anna. Rebekka died while still in Germany at age eight. Elisabeth's husband died on March 10, 1877, in Germany. Elisabeth came to America with her three children in 1881 for reasons yet unknown. As a young person, I was fascinated with this woman's journey to a new world as a widow with three children and that began a lifelong obsession!

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